32nd Annual Saint Nicholas Greek Festival

32th Annual Greek Festival, 2011

      Opa!  Kaloselthate (welcome) to the Greek Festival at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Ft. Pierce, Fl!  There are carnival rides, food, shopping, music, and dancing!  Greek food is delicious!  Some foods are mousaka, lamb shank, gyro, and souzoukakia.  Sweets include diples, baklava, kataifi, and almond cookies.  There is Greek coffee, wine, beer, and this year, ouzo!  The talented St. Nicholas Dancers and the fabulous Hellenic Band perform on the stage throughout the day.  Jewelry, books, apparel, icons, and groceries adorn the vendor's tables.  Father Xanthakis offer church tours, too, because the church is an important part of Greek life.  There's a raffle! 

     Meals range from $10 – $13, while pastries are about $4 – $5.  Admission is $2 per person, a bargain for the entertainment. Opa!