Camelot Days Medeival Faire, 2009

Camelot Days

      Welcome to Camelot, lords and ladies!  King Arthur is here with his fair Queen Guinevere, and their court.  So, too are the Queen of Spain and the Pope.  Watch the Human Chess Games, see troubadours, jugglers, fairies, and much more.  Feast on turkey legs, roast corn on the cob, spinach pie, sausage and veggie plates. Play games!  T'is a day to remember! 


     Entertainers are the wonderful Johnny Phoenix with his fire eating and juggling; Emrys Fleet the rat catcher with his jokes and rhymes;  the Celtic Music of the fantastic Empty Hats; Da Vinci Brothers comedy opera with the charming Bob; the fencing Royal Chessman and hilarious Bunnies in Peril, among others!  Special activities will engage the children.  Offthetrials considers this faire one of their favorites!  We immerse ourselves in the early middle ages. 


    Admission to the village is $12 for adults, $3 for children 6-12.  Camelot Days is located in Hollywood, Florida for one week end in November.