FL RenFest/Miami, 2010

Florida Renaissance Faire, Miami, 2010

     Welcome to Puerto Isabella!  It is the 15th century and Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain and their court are here to escape the winter.  Entertainment, food, vendors, and beautiful views await the visitors to the village.  This is the very first faire here and the first in southern Florida for the season and although the weather the first week end was cold and windy offthetrails had a wonderful time!  The village people and court of the King and Queen were most fascinating.  The vendors had many wonderful wares.  The food was delicious.

     Offthetrails especially enjoyed the King's Proclamation were the village was renamed ad the great explorers Ponce de Leon and Hernando Cortez came to blows over who was the greatest!  Queen Isabella was quite accessible, and what once expects in a great ruler.  Other entertaining moments come when the Van Kleaver Brothers entertained, with help of yours truly:  Greg had knives thrown at him and MaryJo married Fritz van Kleaver in a Dutch mating ceremony! It was fall on the floor laughing funny!  The Joust was fantastic as always.  Musical entertainment like The Lost Boys and The Rogues doesn't get much better! 

    Foods included scrumptious fare like spinach pie, pizza, steak on a stake and deserts. We liked the pizza – crisp and flavorful.  Water, soft drinks, beer and mead are available, too.

     If you are in a shopping mode, bright, shiny things abound.  So do Renaissance clothing, weapons, children's toys, artwork, CDs and cigars!  Whatever mood strikes you the marketplace probably has it.

     The village is located on Virginia Key, a beautiful spot in Miami, affording ocean views and sugar sand. 

     This runs for three weekends in January.  Admission is $20 per adult and $7 for kids.   It's an all day event if you like and at least 2 hours if you're in a hurry.   Hours are from 10 am until Sunset.  We had a blast!  http://www.ren-fest.com/