Hoggetowne Medieval Faire 2010

Hoggetowne Medieval Faire 2010

      Welcome to the Hoggetowne Medieval Faire!  Meet the King and Queen of Hoggetowne, Robin Hood, Lady Marian, King Richard, Lady Ettie, Looney Lucy, and the many others who live and entertain here.  There a 157 listed vendors and entertainers!

      Entertainment, shopping, food, learning, and fun await all who enter the city gates!  Entertainers include The Da Vinci Brothers, Empty Hats, Emrys Fleet (the Rat Catcher), Paulo Garbonzo the Juggler, the Harpers of Hoggetowne, and many, many more.  Music, comedy, knife throwing, juggling, acrobatics, dancing, jousting, human combat, and magic await!  There is more entertainment than we could see in one day!  In the streets, meet the townsfolk.  Stop by the Society for creative Anachronism to learn about life in the Middle Ages!  Learn how to fence!  Speak with a 4th century Roman soldier!    If you get hungry, sample the food:  fish and chips, stuffed grape leaves, beef stew, smoked turkey legs, Scotch eggs, salads, soup in a bread bowl, rice with veggies, pizza, cookies, and pastries are just some of what is offered.  Thirsty?  Coffee, tea, soft drinks, water, mead, and beer are just steps away.  There are ax throwing, archery, tossing games and tests of strength.  Elephants, camels, the seahorse, and other rides will entertain. Shops offer bright shiny things, period clothing, candles, weaponry, music instruments, moccasins, face painting, henna tattoos, pottery, herbs, toys and much more!  Shopping for everyone!  The New Riders of the Golden Age joust to both entertain and teach.  We always enjoy this faire!  It runs two weekends in late January and early February from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. and one Friday during school hours.  Admission is $14 for adults.  ATMs are on the premises.  Credit cards are not accepted at the gate, in the food courts, and by some shops.