Lady of the Lakes RenFest, 2009

Lady of the Lakes Renaissance Festival


          Welcome, Lords and Ladies, to the Lady of the Lakes Renaissance Festival, 2009!  There is much feasting, entertainment, and shopping!  Best of all, we had tea with the Queen – Queen Elizabeth I!  In addition, we went back to school – beer school!  Come along and enjoy!

     There is no need to be hungry or thirsty!  Soft drinks of all kinds, water, smoothies, beer, wine and mead are available.  Mead is a honey wine.  Foods include smoked turkey leg (a classic), crawfish, calamari, fajitas, sausage, gyros, hamburgers, and salad.  Ice cream, pastries, and chocolate dipped strawberries are desert!  Prices range from $2 for water and soft drinks to $10 for a heaping plate of "bugs”, or crawfish.

     Entertainers here are the best!  Empty Hats; The DaVinci Brothers; Emrys Fleet, the Rat Catcher; jousting knights; and Johnny Phoenix.  Empty Hats is a quartet of talented singers and musicians whose "star” is Loony Lucy.  Giacomo. Lady Victoria and Demetrius complete the group.  They offer Celtic music. Bob DaVinci (the only brother) has "fractured” classic stories relying on audience participation. Emrys does standup comedy, Renaissance style. Knights joust in full armor on the jousting field. Johnny eats fire and escapes from a straitjacket.  In addition, Mathilda's Ladies, Hooligan, Faire Wynds, McGregor the Piper, Washing Well Wenches, and the Falconer offer entertainment!

     There are games for all.  Bump the Monk, Archery, and Human Combat are just a few.  Add in rides like the carasello, horses, and the swinging horse and the fun gauge goes up.  Prices are about $3 each.

     Vendors have a vast variety of goods to browse, buy, or both.  Looking is free!  Soaps, bracelets, earrings, costumes, boots, swords, shields, toys, garden décor, pirate memorabilia, and scented oils line booths along the pathways in the shire.  We bought a bracelet and hot sauce.  Prices vary.

     Tea with Queen Elizabeth was a highlight of the day.  The Queen presides over the entertainers, has games, and shares the sweets that are served.  It was a very warm day, so lemonade was in the cups, rather than hot tea.  As a special gift, we were allowed to keep our tea cup, and were given gift bags in which to pack them!  Truly, the Queen is generous! The entire group seemed to enjoy themselves very much.   Lady MaryJo, as she shall now be know, as directed by Queen Elizabeth herself, certainly did!  Admission was $10 per person.

     Finally, we attended beer school.  Five generous liberal samples were given, each with a distinct flavor, and the "professor” answered questions.  Everyone had fun.  The enrollment fee was $10 per person.

     The fair is open for one week end in early November at Hickory Point Park, between Tavares and Howey-in-the-Hills, about 45 minutes north of Orlando.  Admission for the faire is $15 for adults, $7 for children, and $5 for seniors.  A discount is given for advance tickets.