North Carolina Renaissance Faire

The North Carolina Renaissance Faire

     Good morrow, Lords, Ladies, and gentles!  Once upon a time, Queen Elizabeth I ruled England and was much loved by her people.  At the North Carolina Renaissance Faire, we return to that time.  For three week-ends in April, visitors can meet the Queen, feast, drink, and be merry with entertainment.  There are games, living history demonstrations, jousts, music, comedy, magic, and children's shows.  We enjoyed the DaVinci Brothers, Emrys Fleet, Isaac Fawlkes, Teatro, the Pickled Brothers, and many more entertainers.  We had son PJ with us, and he was chosen to be part of two acts.   A visit with the ferret rescue was both engaging and a learning experience!  Did you know ferrets are part of Elizabethean history?  We drank sparkling mead and mead with vanilla and cinnamon.  We had smoked turkey leg, Greek salad, and Philly Cheese steak.  (A liberty with history, to be sure) We watched living history experts card wool and blacksmith.   We explored the fairy glen.  We caught up with old friends and made some new ones.  All in all, it was a fun filled day. 

     The second day was just as fun.   We were happily surprised to see one of our favorite groups, Albannach, who play very energetic Celtic music!  We were treated, too, to The Interpreters, a bawdy, very amusing pair of ladies.  A seminar on mead was entertaining and educational!  A good combination from a teacher’s perspective!   By the way, mead is an ancient honey wine, traditionally served at Renfests.

     Admission is $15 per day for adults, and a two day pass is $26. Children's price is $7 per day.

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