Sarasota Medeival Faire, 2009

The Sarasota Medieval Faire 2009

       Good day, good gentles; we bid thee welcome to the Sarasota Medieval Faire!  T'is 1066 and William of Normandy is taking control of England!  He believed Good King Harold dead, but Harold is not!  Who will be King of England?  Find out by visiting the shire, watching the Human Chess Games, and the jousts!  The show begins with the opening ceremonies at 9:45!  While there, shop, play games, see entertainment, eat, drynk, and be merrie! For shopping: bright, shiny things, pottery, baskets, toys, costumes, goblets, and more.  Games include archery, throwing, Jacob's ladder and more.


      Entertainment is superb, featuring the Celtic music of Empty Hats,; the operatic comedy of the Da Vinci Brothers,; the offbeat humor of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Mud Show: magic and juggling of Giacomo the Jester (of Empty Hats); the antics of the three Tortuga twins; and many more on 14 stages.  There is a special Children's Area featuring games and activities for little ones.  Elephant rides and other fair rides provide even more amusements. Turkey legs, Cornish pasties, roast swine, ice cream and tarts are sold.  Soft drinks, water, beer, and mead (a honey wine) are on tap.  A highlight of MaryJo's day was having Giacomo serenade her!  Don't be hatin'!  The Faire runs for two weekends in November, from 10 until 6.  Admission is $16.95 A at the door, $14.95 for advance.  Drinks are from $2 to $4; food from $2 to $6; games and rides are about $3 each.  Come one, come all to the Faire and cheer on either Harold or William.   Sarasota, Florida, is on the Southwest coast, south of Tampa.