Sake Tasting at Hollywood Vine

Sake Tasting

      Sake is Japanese rice wine, brewed by fermenting the rice.  The tasting was an education.  There were four different types of Sake:  Silk Deluxe Junmal, Dewatsuru "Kimotos”Junmal, Honjozo, and Chonkaisan Junmai DaiGinjo.  As our hostess poured a small taste of each, she discussed its brewery, brewing method, region in Japan, the flavors, possible food combination, and the traditions associated with sake.  We learned that premium sake is best served chilled.  Each sake had its own flavor, of course.  The silk was slightly sweet, and felt very silky.  The "Kimoto” was somewhat tarter, and full bodied.  The Honjozo was a drier sake with spicy overtones.  The fourth, Chonkaisan Junmai DaiGinjo, was the most expensive and had a wonderful floral scent.  While the tastings were free, prices per bottle ranged from about $27 to $53. We enjoyed the session very much, and feel more confident about ordering sake when we're out, or buying some for use at home. Hollywood Vine held the tasting, and does hold regular wine, rum, and scotch tastings.  It's located in Hollywood, Fl.