Paranormal Investigation: Italian Club, Ybor City, Tampa, FL

Italian Club Paranormal Investigation,
Ybor City, Tampa, FL

     Ghosts? This was our first paranormal investigation, although we've been on many ghost tours. MaryJo connected with a spirit in the ladies rest room of the cantina, on the first floor. The group was divided into four teams, each with a guide, and we rotated floors throughout the night. Our guide was Brian. We visited the conference room, theater, ballroom, and cantina, and were then allowed to go wherever we wanted. Because we had the most activity in the ladies restroom, in the cantina, we spent most of our free time there. Our K2 meter lit up as a "yes” response when I asked questions. When Greg came into the room, the spirit stopped communicating with me. I believe she thought a man in the women's rest room was unacceptable. I asked, "Are you a man?” and the meter stayed at one light. When I asked, "Are you a woman?” it lit up to three. In this way, I discovered that she had two sons, a grandson, and didn't especially like her daughter-in-law. She was 70.   When I walked out the door to return to the group, the paper towel machine turned on.  I wasn’t near it, and our guide told us the spirits like the automatic paper towl machine!  At the same time I was speaking with her, the other group members were talking with a little boy at the bar. Brian told us that children's spirits are rarely at the Italian Club. Perhaps this was her grandson?  We had some other K2 activity, but not as much. On the stage, our meter stayed at a steady three lights, but we think it may have been something electrical because it was so steady. Brian brought out his meter, and it too, stayed at a steady three.   We had some other puzzling, possible paranormal experiences!  After Greg walked through a doorway and was standing at the stairs, the door closed.  We found a door stopper on the floor.  There is a scratching sound on the recording we can’t account for.   We also heard a sound that sounded like a child’s screech, but it could have been something else.  After we have analyzed all of the voice recordings, movies, and still pics, we will update this story.
     The Italian Club was founded over a century ago by immigrants who knew that by banding together, they would fare better in the new country. Further, Italian-Americans can preserve their culture in today's world. The Club is known to have spirit activity, and people hear voices in the conference room. The spirits are not menacing at all. It is, after all, a family oriented spot where good times were had. This was hosted by the very reputable Florida Ghost Team.

Price is $74 per person.