Paranormal Investigation – Miss Carolines Guest House, St. Augustine, FL

Miss Caroline's Guest House

Welcome to Miss Caroline's, a historic home built between 1865 and 1885 by Miss Lucy Abbott and listed in the National Register of Historic Places in St. Augustine, Florida! Miss Caroline's' is now a restaurant and 3 room one bath guest house. Many, many people have experienced the paranormal here. The Captain is a main spirit, as is Rose. We spent the night here, in The Captain's Room, hoping to meet the captain. While we had no personal experiences, we did catch an intriguing EVP while we were out of the room. There is a groan, slamming doors, and footsteps. No one was in the second floor at that time that we know about. Other spirits are a little girl and a woman named Rose. While in the ancient city, we also stopped at the Huguenot Cemetery, the fort Castillo de San Marcos, and the Catholic Mission Nombre de Dios to investigate. We have orbs in pictures at all three sites and an unexplained shadow in the cemetery.
We also were invited to check out the upstairs at Le Pavillon Restaurant just next door when we stopped in for supper. This has been here since 1868, first as a home. Two women are often seen in the upstairs dining room, which was a bedroom.
St. Augustine in the oldest European founded city in the USA, inhabited since 1565! There are bound to be spirits here! We are returning soon to St. Augustine!