Paranormal Investigation – Old Okeechobee Bank, Okeechobee, FL

Old Okeechobee Bank

The boarded-up building on the corner of N. Park and 5th St in Okeechobee was once the Bank of Okeechobee, back in the 1920s. The bank failed in 1926, a victim of the busted Florida land boom. It is thought that the notorious Treasure Coast Ashley Gang robbed the bank. A rumor is that one of the gang was shot and killed in the bank, dying in the vault, which never was able to be opened afterwards. a new safe was brought in. After the bank’s failure, the building held various businesses, including a shoe store, grocery store, and pharmacy. Most recently, it has been a storeroom. Witnesses have claimed a wall taking on a red hue when photographed.

Off the Trails Paranormal Investigations are the first group to go into the old building to investigate! We’re excited about that! Larry Markham, the manager for owner Gilbert Culbreth, showed Greg, Beau, Rob and myself around and told us a bit about the history of the building and plans for its refurbishing.

Baseline readings were interesting! Greg had a spike of 2.3 on the Mel Meter as he entered the building, and then it quickly disappeared. Rob and Beau also had spikes. Beau’s reached 6.4! Most activity was at the bottom and top of the stairs in the bank itself.

We had lots of orbs in the photographs. Most of it we dismissed as dust, but one or two photos showed a very bright orb. One is moving! We also have a questionable photograph on the balcony in a doorway on the left side, which looks to us like a figure.

Most of our activity was on the ovilus, a device through which spirits can speak. When we asked if a member of the Ashely family or gang was here, we heard “No!” I repeated the question, askding, “Is John or Bob Ashley, Ray Lynn, Hanford Moody, Clarence Middleton, Joe Tracy, or Laura Upthegrove here?” Again we heard “No!” We went into the other rooms, but most verbal activity was in the bank itself. We heard, at different times, the words, “heist, hate, killing, Middleton (a gang member)”We also hear the word “rob” but we couldn’t decide whether it was about robbing the bank or our member Rob. I asked, “Did you meet Rob?” and our voice answered, “Yes.”

We believe there is paranormal activity here, and may want to return for further investigation.