Paranormal Investigation – St. Augustine Lighthouse and The Old Jail, St. Augustine, FL

St. Augustine Paranormal Investigations

Offthetrails Paranormal Investigations traveled to America's oldest European city, St. Augustine. Nicknamed, "The Ancient City,” St. Augustine reportedly has many haunted sites. Some are The Ancient City Inn, Tolomato Cemetery, the Old Jail, and the lighthouse of St. Augustine. We did investigations of each! During our investigations, we used the full spectrum light only, and the flash from the still camera. Our team stayed at The Ancient City Inn. TAPS was here! Spirits there, according to owners Carri and Will, are Martha Lee, her cat Toby, and Father Charlie. Martha Lee has a very sad and romantic tale. While there, Greg felt a brush on his leg. Toby? Will felt someone dry his back in the shower. Charlie trying to keep Martha Lee away from the young man? We did have an intriguing spot on the wall in a photograph. The inn itself is very comfortable and charming. A tasty continental breakfast is served in the morning, left in a basket on the porch.
The lighthouse, on Anastasia Island, is haunted by two sisters, Mary and Eliza, who drowned in the 1870s; a young girl with the sisters; two lighthouse keepers, and the wife of a keeper who became a keeper after his death -Kate Harn, who wears a long, flowing white dress. We had several personal experiences there. When we were in the basement of the keeper's house, Will said, "Will somebody do something?” I felt a finger run along my ankle. One of the keepers is a "ladies man” who likes to touch women. Soon after, we have a photo of an energy source shooting out of Will's head, and an elongated white apparition, who we think is Kate, standing nearby. On the staircase of the lighthouse – which has 219 steps- our K2 meter kept spiking as Will held it in his hand. Pictures show a small orb on the stairway. Was it one of the girls being playful? Matt, who is one of the guides and caretakers, says Mary has a crush on him. Maybe she or her sister was interested in Will.
We stopped at the Tolamato cemetery, the site of many burials and a Native American village. Although brief, we did take photos showing orbs and mists.
We also visited the Old Jail, the site of many sightings. This was a fascinating stay! Sheriff Perry lived there with his family, and has been seen along with his wife, Miss Lou. His deputy, Turner enjoyed tormenting the prisoners. He's still there! On a previous visit, I toured the jail, and felt a force push me in the small of my back as I approached the stirs. This time, I discovered that Deputy Turner likes to do that! He kneed prisoners to make them fall! Now I know! He thinks people in the jail are prisoners. During this visit, I smelt syrup and cigarette smoke. In the children's room, the temperature began to drop, according to our Mellmeter. We asked the spirit to drop the temperature to 57 degrees. It dropped, lifted, dropped, lifted. I then said, "Put your hand on my hand and drop the temperature to 57.” I felt my hand get very, very cold. The temperature steadily dropped until it reached 57, and there it stayed. We thanked the spirit, who we believe was one of the children, and left the room.