Ghost Tour of St. Petersburg, FL

Ghost Tour of St. Petersburg, Fl 2010

      Do you believe in ghosts?  Do you like ghost stories?  The Ghost Tour of St. Petersburg took us to some of the most haunted places in town.   Our able guides were Joanne and Count Lurking.  The Vinoy Hotel has the lady in white.  Could it be the late wife, possibly murdered, of the founder?  At the haunted Walker Mansion, Harriet continues to keep watch in the home where she raised her two children.  The Hotel Indigo, once a hospital, has many ghosts, including a little girl called Sarah.  This was a fascinating place!  We have several pictures showing orbs and dark shadows here!  They are quite clear!  Count Lurking seems to attract the spirits.  He has many tales of entities appearing in photos with him.  Do they like him or dislike him?  In one corner, where a child is thought to have died, many people get a chill.  The spirit of Charles, the demanding butler, is often seen in the halls of the Cordova Hotel.  On a previous tour, Joanne told how a ghost was seen in my chair!  We enjoyed the tour, and were amazed at the photos we took!   Other ghost tours are offered, and we are hoping to take another soon.  Allow 90 minutes.  Tickets are $15 each adult, and $8 for children 8-12.