Ohio State Reformatory – 2010

The Ohio State Reformatory Ghost Tour     

     Mansfield is home to the Ohio State Reformatory, one of the most haunted sites in Ohio!  Paranormal tours are offered.  Did we take one?  Of course!  The building itself is dark and imposing!   Inside, it is decaying.  Our guide took us through the entire prison, showing us cell blocks, the library, and many other sites.  He told the history of the prison, opened in 1896 as a juvenile center.  Several groups of well known ghost hunters have visited, including Ghost Adventures.  We have many pictures with orbs, indicating spiritual presences.  The shower photos have many orbs.  We were able to go through "The Hole” where the worst prisoners stayed in solitary confinement.  The prisoners received harsh treatment.  In the 1950s there was a riot, which the Ohio State Patrol put down.  Our guide took us up a narrow spiral staircase in the library to the roof.  We could see the working prison next door, and no pictures are allowed of that!   Two movies, "The Shawshank Redemption” and "Air Force One” were partially shot here.  The Visitor Center has some artifacts of the movies, along with many prison artifacts.  The tunnel from "Shawshank” is on display in the prison.  We were able to visit the warden's quarters, where he lived with his family.  We heard about the wardens' wife who died there.   The guides told us about their own ghostly experiences in the prison.  The prison was closed in 1990. This was an extremely fascinating tour!  A gift shop sells souvenirs.  http://www.mrps.org/