The Backroads

Back Roads


     Why back roads?  The back roads allow a traveler to go at a more leisurely pace, see more of the landscape, escape the crowds, and experience the culture of the area, as well as spend less.  If something of interest appears, the traveler can pull over for a better look, or explore.  Nobody will mind.   On the back roads, you'll hear nature:  birds, leaves rustling, water running.   There is an art to back road driving – relax, don't rush, get curious!    Enjoy the freedom.  We are doing that in this series.  Everything from a hunting effigy in a tree in Georgia to a beautiful lake in a state park in Pennsylvania to a haunted antique shop in North Carolina to a winery in Virginia has provided us with entertainment, education, and exercise. We have gained new perspectives.   There is nothing quite like a back roads expedition.  Enjoy them while you can, in case all roads become super highways. 


     Back roads driving can be just wandering for the sake of wandering, with no particular destination in mind.  Or it can be going off for awhile, but having a specific end point in mind.  Back roads go through small towns, farm lands, and/or wilderness.  Once off the interstates or major state highways, there are all manner of sights and activities waiting to be discovered.


     Back roads vacations can be a daycation, or an extended trip.  It all depends on individual tastes, schedules and budgets.  Choose an area of interest.  Ask at the restaurant or gas station if there is something special in the area. Check with the Visitors Bureau for suggestions.  But mostly, explore and discover on your own.  Some starter ideas:  Lincoln Highway; Rt. 66; Civil War sites; historic homes; caves; small towns; museums; eco-tours; or state forests.


     We at hope you find some motivation for your back roads adventure, whether you use one of ours as a guide or venture off on your own.  We will add to this series from time to time.  As always, if you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to contact us at  Joyful traveling!