Ohio Backroads – Amish Country

Ohio Amish Country

Welcome to Amish Country, Ohio! A region of eastern Ohio, Amish country is named for the Amish who live here. The Amish are people whose religion does not believe in straying from the simple or plain life. Computers, phones, electricity, cars, and other modern conveniences are not part of their lives. Amish earn a living from farming or artisan works such as carpentry or furniture making. They are well known in the area for their delicious cheeses, jams, baked goods, and woodworking. Amish food is hearty, simple and most delicious! Driving through the countryside, we saw neat Amish farms and small businesses. Amish horse and buggy sightings are common, as well as children riding bicycles. Amish men once married wear beards. Women wear black bonnets. Banks, grocery stores, and other businesses offer horse and buggy parking. They have a calm, peaceful lifestyle that we respect. Such a picturesque landscape is an attraction for many. The region is composed of eight counties in central Ohio: Holmes, Wayne, Tuscarawas, Stark, Coshocton, Knox, Ashland and Richland. The towns in the area have lovely names like Mt. Hope, Walnut Creek, and Millersburg. We recommend that you focus on the smaller villages, and not the more touristy ones like Berlin. You'll be rewarded with viewings of the simple life, reasonably priced, delectable foods, and skillfully made crafts. Savor the moments! We recommend touring for two days. There are restaurants and overnight accommodations.

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